13 Reasons to buy travel insurance for travel


Many travelers who want to travel often ask "Do I have to buy travel insurance?".

"Should I buy travel insurance even if I only travel 1 week?

The answer is YES, the reason is that there are many benefits that you will get from buying travel insurance.

Travel insurance is worth buying when you are 100% sure to start traveling plans.

Following the plan and being careful when traveling doesn't guarantee you stay safe. You need travel insurance protection to protect yourself from unforeseen bad risks that can endanger you while traveling.

It doesn't matter if your trip is only a few days or for a long time.

Reasons to buy Travel insurance is because they offer many benefits for protection for things that you might not expect to happen.

Buying travel insurance may seem like a waste of money for those of you who might want to save budget to travel. Because you are asked to pay dues or premiums as a condition of ownership travel insurance policy, and maybe you will not immediately use it when traveling.

But think about this,

Travelers are very susceptible to interference, there are many bad things that can happen when you leave home to your destination. If you experience bad events without insurance protection, the money you spend will be far greater than your travel budget.

13 Reasons to buy travel insurance for travel

1. Medical protection throughout the world.

Almost all travel insurance offers medical protection worldwide. This is handy for those of you who want to travel to other countries if they later experience health problems that require local hospital care. Travel insurance will help you with problems like this.

2. Coverage in remote areas.

Remote areas have a lot of beauty but also do not have medical equipment or emergency vehicle facilities. This can be very inconvenient if you experience a sudden illness or a severe accident in a remote area that has fewer facilities. Medical treatment in a large city in another country or using a helicopter to transport you require a lot of money. Having travel insurance can cover your treatment costs.

3. Claim flight costs.

Flights can be canceled at any time and can damage a travel plan that has been set up correctly. Technical problems, weather, storms, and infectious diseases can cause you to lose your flight schedule. Not having a travel insurance policy can make you fail to get an advanced flight or even your money cannot be repaid. So, your budget will be more than planned.

4. Loss of baggage.

The problem of theft and baggage loss is a big problem for travelers around the world. How much money should be used to replace lost items? Passports, cell phones, cameras, clothing, and other equipment. Buying travel insurance will help you replace this fee.

5. Damage to rental vehicles.

You may rent a vehicle and then get involved in an accident that will damage your rental vehicle. Although it may not cause damage to the vehicle. You might pay a large compensation fee without you guessing it. This situation will damage your budget plan for traveling. Buying travel insurance can help you face unexpected financial costs like this.

6. Coverage of the whole family.

This is one of the benefits of buying travel insurance, parents, wives, and children up to the age of 21 that includes your travel expenses. They can protect your entire family by buying additional premiums or even free without additional fees.

7. A quiet journey and responsibility.

When you travel, you can damage property or accidentally injure someone. And legally must be responsible for repairing or compensating. Buying travel insurance can protect you from replacing damage costs in accordance with your terms and agreement with an insurance company.

8. Your travel company is bankrupt.

Imagine if you have booked a travel ticket for several weeks and have paid full money to the travel company. But your travel company experienced a financial collapse before departure and your trip was canceled without replacement.
Buying travel insurance that can cover financial standard issues will be able to cover your funds with the help of services. And you will get rescheduling to travel.

9. Cancellation of travel.

When you want to travel, you may get news or bad conditions. As parents die, houses flood, fire or you are called to work faster. Which makes you cancel your departure or go home early.

By buying travel insurance, you will get coverage for travel cancellations and can replace your money for reasons that meet the requirements.

10. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and sudden evacuations.

Imagine if you want to travel and have booked a flight to the destination country. And one day before departure, you get news that the country you are visiting is experiencing a bad situation. Which causes you not to travel.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or terror in public places such as shooting and suicide bombings can damage your travel plans. And generally, the government will evacuate or prohibit people from going to countries that have experienced tragedies or natural disasters.

And maybe you don't want to go there too, but this can be a disadvantage if you don't go.

Buying travel insurance can replace your lost funds. So, make sure you have travel insurance as protection.

11. Your local health insurance does not work.

Most local health insurance does not cover medical treatment abroad. This can be very difficult if you experience health problems and need medical care but your health insurance cannot help in other countries. Good travel insurance can solve this problem.

12. Pet Protection.

This may not be widely advertised by travel insurance. But there are several insurances that cover to provide protection to your pet while traveling. This is very important if you bring animals while traveling.

13. Skip cruise ship trips.

This happens a lot for travelers who want to vacation on a cruise ship. They had planned to sail but have problems for early departures. The worst thing that might happen is they have to cancel the trip. But if you buy travel insurance, you can take a flight and take a cruise on the next dock.

Should you buy travel insurance every trip?

1. A short trip.

You must know that you don't always need to travel insurance. Some trips may have a low risk of accidents. Like traveling to a place that is very close to home, or you are traveling out of town for only 1-2 days.
Travel insurance is only good if you want to travel abroad and plan risky adventure activities.

2. Bad travel insurance claims.

Maybe you don't need to buy travel insurance if the insurance company you want to use has a bad story to make a claim. Many insurance companies avoid claim payments to their insurance policy users by providing heavy requirements.
If you get insurance like this, don't use them.

Insurance companies to buy travel insurance:

1. World Nomads.

World Nomads focus on short-term travel, and this is a popular place for travelers to buy travel insurance. World travelers cover almost all traveler needs, such as health, travel cancellations, theft, and medical evacuation.

2. Columbus Direct.

Columbus Direct offers a variety of insurance, but if you want to find long-term travel insurance, you should look for a "Globetrotter Insurance" package and choose "backpacker" when you get an offer on their site. Columbus Direct is cheaper than the World Nomad with a single lower price limit for theft coverage. And buying travel insurance does not make it difficult for you to file a claim.

3. IMG Global.

IMG Global specializes in short and long-term medical insurance coverage for travelers and overseas workers. IMG Global Insurance offers a variety of medical products, equipment, life, gear and body defects tailored to individual specifications. This is really the right choice if you want to look for health insurance.

Please visit the IMG Global website to buy travel insurance.


The various benefits of travel insurance that you will get, are enough good reasons to make your decision to buy travel insurance. In any country, you won't know when and where bad luck happened to you. Having the correct travel insurance policy will keep you calm when you travel around the world.

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