How to find the cheapest flights to travel around the world

How-to-find-the-cheapest-flights to-travel

How to find the cheapest flights to travel around the world - Knowing how to get the cheap flight to travel helps travelers to save more money. 

The problem is, how to find the cheapest flight when traveling around the world?

Most airlines provide prices that continue to fluctuate every day.

And the increasing number of aircraft booking sites makes you tired and it's hard to book flights at the cheapest prices.

Many myths have sprung up about how to find the cheapest flights, but in reality, all these myths only mislead you.

There is no evidence that ordering Tuesday tickets is cheaper than Thursday, and incognito mode on Google Chrome does not lead you to find cheaper airline tickets.

The real key to getting cheap flights is how flexible your time is when you want to travel.

If you are free to determine the time of departure to travel, it is likely that you will be finding a flight that is really cheap from the normal price or one week ahead. And you can also find the cheapest flights at the last minute anytime.

And this is how to find the cheapest flights you can use:

1. Use SecretFlying.

If you are a person who has the flexibility of time to travel, you can use the SecretFlying search site to find hidden cheap flight prices. SecretFlying lists the cheapest flight costs to several cities by collecting information from various flight search sites according to availability dates, and flight departure times.

If you are lucky you can get a price of $50 for a round trip flight for a particular city.

Disadvantages of using SecretFlying:

You must really be a person who is free to travel because you cannot determine your own destination, choose the airport and choose the date of departure. All must follow the information provided by SecretFlying. 

2. Search for the Cheapest Flights day and month.

There are no days and months, how to find the cheapest flights to get flight tickets that are very affordable, all appear randomly.

Only the myth says that Thursday is cheaper than Monday and January have cheaper than March. Flight prices always change at any time.

Luckily every flight search site has made it easy for you to find the cheapest flight days and months. Like Google Flight and Skyscanner website, you can search for cheap flights according to the list of months that are given.


3. Use a credit card and discount deals on airline or airline sites.

The easiest thing to get cheap flight prices is by following a credit card promo or discount coupon provided by flight or airline sites. By using this method you can save travel costs up to $100. It's just that you need to follow the applicable requirements such as a minimum flight price or certain credit card holders to be able to use this coupon or discount.

4. Buy a Round-trip

Furthermore, how to find cheap flights while traveling is to book a round-trip flight. Of course, this method will give you a slightly cheaper discounted price than buying a one-way flight, because the flight prices are always changing every day.

If you book a round-trip flight at a price of $150, then the flight ticket when you go home is calculated at the same price. So you will pay $300.

Conversely, if you only buy a one-way flight today for $150, 3 days later when you book a one-way flight home, the price is no longer the same, you can get the price of $170 using the same airline.

It's just that if you want to book a round-trip flight you need to arrange your trip as good as possible so that your flight ticket is not wasted. If you miss the flight when you are going home, you will experience a big loss.

Check Momondo site.


5. Buy flights + hotels.

Many use this method to get cheap flights and hotels. Ordering everything together can give you prices up to 20% -40%.

This can really save money and now around the world.

to buy flight + hotel, check Expedia


6. Use the Referral or Affiliate code.

The way to do it to access the network is to use references or affiliations that are shared with you. Run the code here will take ownership of the code faster and faster than the price if you use this code.

7. Follow the Frequent Flyer program.

Another way, how to find the cheapest flights is by following the Frequent Flyer (FFP) program. This loyalty program is almost available in all airlines to maintain customer loyalty by providing points that can be exchanged for other rewards. If you travel frequently using one airline, try asking if they have this program. If there are, follow this program to get various benefits.

List of airlines that open the Frequent Flyer Program:
  1. JetBlue
  2. Southwest Airlines
  3. Alaska Airlines
  4. Delta Air Lines
  5. America Airlines
  6. United Airlines

8. Install the flight Apps.

Each booking site provides applications on Google Play and the App Store that you can download and install on your smartphone. In addition to allowing you to order via cell phone, the price given is also a little more and more discounts. This will really help you find the cheapest flight prices.


9. Book a flight from scratch.

Flight rates always move erratically, the price of airline tickets is always changing. Sometimes airlines charge cheaper and also higher prices. Your task is to carefully choose the right time to book a flight. The best thing for your money is to order 2-3 months before your flight.

Avoid ordering too early or spending 6 months more than your departure time.

10. Compare all flight sites.

Each site has a different price. If you want to get a higher price, you must compare each price from several flight booking sites. Being able to save $20 will be very profitable when traveling.


10 These tips might help you find the cheapest flights to travel around the world. But don't spend time and hours just to keep looking. To find and find information that is very relevant to the flexible time and where to go.

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