13 popular and profitable youtube niches (and ways to make money)


13 popular and profitable youtube niches - Before coming to become a YouTube and upload your first video to YouTube. There are things you should know first, namely about the popular and profitable youtube niche.

What is Youtube Niche?

The niche or market segment (in this case Youtube) is the target you want to target, starting from themes, topics, and video content.

With the appropriate YouTube niche, you will be more focused on determining the name of your channel, what videos you will make, material for what videos you will serve, and who your target audience is, whether they are men or women, parents or teens, workers private or entrepreneurial, and many more.

Without a niche, you will have difficulty determining your youtube channel and finding the type of video that will be created.

So, YouTube niche is your main factor to get views, subscribe and make your videos last long.


What are popular and profitable YouTube niches that can bring many views, subscribe, and make money?

In fact, not all youtube niches are popular and profitable and can make money.

There are only a few YouTube niches that people watch throughout the year and last a long time.

It all comes back to you (the video creator), do you understand the niche you use and are able to make videos that can attract millions of views.

Because good content creators are people who understand or control the YouTube niche they are working on, have knowledge of the fields they will follow, so they do it enthusiastically without coercion or laziness.

There are 3 meanings of people uploading videos to YouTube:

1. People who want to show their work.
2. People who want to be famous.
3. People who want to show making money from videos.

Of the three goals, there is nothing wrong.

On YouTube, everyone is free to upload their own videos, regardless of his or her destination for uploading videos.

Because there are videos that last a long time, some only last a little. But what is certain as long as that does not violate YouTube's policies. All videos are valid to upload.

You can learn from YouTube celebrities, they finally make money from YouTube because they do what they like.

So make sure that your motivation for choosing a YouTube niche is not because of money because it will make it difficult for you to develop that niche.

This is a list of popular and profitable youtube niches and how to make money.

1. Niche Game

Many YouTube users are famous and generate hundreds of millions of money from their hobbies of playing games. Like Youtuber PewDiePie or youtube players from other countries.


This niche has many fans, both men and women, ranging from children, adults and even parents.

To get started in this niche game you can start from trying more trendy games to tell the audience what you feel when playing games, or you can gather news about the list of the longest awaited games. Tips and tricks, or if you are proficient in 1 game, you can stream.

In addition, this game is not only in the form of PlayStation, but also penetrates online games on Smartphones.
But keep in mind that the level of competition in this niche is quite high, but that doesn't mean you can't get loyal views who like and subscribe.

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2. Niche Unboxing and Product Reviews

Many companies use this method when launching and want to introduce it to consumers. And this niche is one of the most sought-after niches on YouTube because many people need a variety of information before buying or using a product. 

Different from a few years ago, before buying people will find out more through friends who have used or find out from the internet in the form of pictures and words.

But now on YouTube, many people prefer to hear the opinions of YouTubers who are opening boxes and reviewing products, investigating and evaluating before deciding to buy.

This niche is very fun, besides being able to provide information to YouTube view you can also try various products that you test first.

And to start this, you can start with product reviews that are cheap and easily available first. Or compare between products.

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3. Niche Food and Cooking

If you have a hobby of eating or cooking, you can choose this niche as your choice. If you like to eat, you can continue your culinary tour by trying to taste a variety of cuisines, from traditional to modern, you can also start with a tourist restaurant that provides very tasty and unique food.

Whereas if you can or like to cook, you can show how to make good food, what ingredients are needed, how to process it. And you can also tell cooking tips, tips on choosing kitchen utensils, and how to care for them that can inspire views.

This niche is very much loved by men and women, so if you have the hobbies and skills above, please try.

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4. Niche Sports and Health Training

This niche is sought for those who want to have a healthy lifestyle or want to beautify and shape the body without having to hire a personal trainer or who want to learn self-taught at home.
If you are a person who understands and understands about fitness as above, yoga or nutritionists better choose this niche.

You can prepare video material such as tips or demonstrations of correct movements in certain exercises.
If you want to try, you can make a training video about how to fitness at home using simple equipment. This inspires, isn't it? Make youtube channels for those who want to shape their bodies without having to go to the gym frequently.

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5. Getting around the niche

Do you have a hobby of traveling? Why don't you make it your YouTube niche? Especially nowadays traveling is the lifestyle of modern society. They will look for youtube places that they have to visit.

Document where you go on vacation, show beautiful scenery, interesting places, interesting culinary tours, how you look for cheap tickets or hotels and many other things. And what's important, when your YouTube channel starts to get famous, there will be many offers that come to you, especially hotel and hotel booking applications to offer cooperation.

Besides this niche is also very helpful for people who want to vacation but do not have info about interesting vacation spots.

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6. Niche Fashion

This niche is one that is very crowded with visitors, especially women.

If you have knowledge of fashion, start aiming for this niche. You can start by providing information on how to mix clothes and accessories, or you can also try making a video tutorial on how to make your own accessories, without having to pay a fortune.

Or for women who wear headscarves, they can make videos on how to use the hijab, but still stylish.

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7. Niche Make-up

This niche is almost the same as a fashion niche.

This niche is the most contested for women who want to learn to use cosmetics well because there are so many makeup products out there.

To start a make-up niche, you can provide tips on how to use beauty equipment, what brands are good to use, and so on. And most importantly when you target this niche, provide detailed information about the product you are using.

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8. Niche Humor / Comedy / Funny Videos (Funny Videos)

Many people search for funny videos on YouTube, looking for something that can entertain and make them laugh.
Many famous YouTubers come from this niche, one of which is Vines.

To start this niche, make sure you understand comedy and prepare the best material. And also make sure that you are a humorous person too.

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9. Niche Tutorial (How-To)

Imagine how many searches on Google and YouTube search by typing "how to".
This niche tutorial is one of the categories that bring in many views.
Now you can choose this niche by giving video tutorials about audience problems.

You can start with the most sought-after tutorials like cellphone or laptop problems.

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10. Niche Film and Music

This niche is also the largest audience because many people like movies or music entertainment. They search for the latest movie footage or music video clips at any time on YouTube.

You can start by giving a review of the actor or musician, telling a story about the background of the scene or the background of making the song.
What must be considered is this niche is vulnerable to copyright infringement. 

So, make sure before you make and upload videos to YouTube, you don't violate anything.

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11. Niche Daily Vlog


Casey Neistat is one of the youtube who uploads videos about her daily life. You can learn about daily vlogs from seeing vlogs like Casey Neistat.

If you are a person who dares to appear in front of the camera and has interesting activities. Don't choose this niche.

All you need to pay attention to is making daily vlog material is the quality of the video and the material of the activity you want for the video.

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12. Niche Entertainment

You may often use social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Many people like the life of an artist who is full of the latest gossip, achievements or controversies, and so on.

You can create a youtube channel with videos that discuss the world of entertainment. The number of views for this niche is quite large.

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13. Viral Niche

Now all the events in real life can quickly become the talk of everyone, becoming a trendy topic in mass media or social media.

And this niche is the fastest to get a lot of views and subscribe. Discover viral info-info and make your videos interesting.

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That is 13 YouTube and the popular and profitable Niche that brings many views and subscribes to the audience.

And how YouTube channels and videos make money.

All you need to remember when choosing a YouTube niche is:

"Choose a YouTube niche based on your abilities and knowledge, (Give something interesting to the audience) not just for money or just to subscribe"

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