19 Reasons why you should travel alone


19 Reasons why you should travel alone - You often hear that many people do travel alone. And maybe you are trying to like what they are traveling solo.
Traveling with family, friends or lovers can give you quality happiness and time.

But why do you want to travel alone?

There are many reasons why people choose to travel without friends beside them.
And here are 19 lists of reasons that you can find to travel alone.

1. Because you are young or single

Many solo travelers, both men, and women, they travel alone because they are young and unmarried. They want to create their own adventures before they have a partner and form a small family.
Of course, it's a little difficult if you already have a partner and have children to travel. You will prioritize household expenses and other needs.
This is why those aged 20-30 and unmarried are more dominant on solo trips.
Well, even though those who are married can actually travel.

2. You want to be free

Traveling alone will make you more independent.
You are free to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Or which one you want to do first.
If you do stupid/wrong something, no one will scold you, no one will be angry with you. No need to worry if your feet want to move to another place, there is no worry when passing through a large crowd, no need to worry if your trip is damaged by the weather.
You are free to determine anything.
All the burdens you bear, you only need to think about yourself.
Unlike if you are traveling with your friends, you have to be more selective, not to be friends, to be carried out. Because a failed trip can cause conflict.

3. You want to focus more on the goal

Everyone enjoys a different tour.
When you travel with someone, you might not enjoy your tourist destination like your friend.
Your friends may prefer a trip to the city, but you prefer a village trip.
You might like to jump, but your friends are afraid of heights.
Going out with someone often happens when going out with someone.
By traveling alone, you will be more focused on planning the goals you want to visit. Regardless of whether it will provide an exciting or thrilling trip.
You are free to visit the places you want.

4. Cheaper solo travel costs

The cost of traveling alone is not as much as traveling with your family or lover.
On average those who travel alone don't need to bring a lot of money. Because they can save on accommodation costs, travel insurance and other needs.
Solo tours can choose to stay at backpackers hotels that offer very cheap prices or live in people's homes.
Solo tours can be used to use public transportation at tourist attractions.

5. Want to know who you are

When you set foot on a trip around the world, you will find what you will like.
If you feel difficult during the trip, you will see if you are a person who is panic, patient, firm, wasteful, frugal, or disciplined.
When meeting other people whether you are someone who is confident or not, or who are easily able to make decisions.
All that you will find when traveling alone.
Traveling with others You may find friendship and pleasure.
But traveling alone will make you find yourself.

6. All decisions are yours

You will be flexible, whatever your decision for everything, you decide. Whether you want this or that first, whether you want to continue your trip or go home, you all decide.
You are the BOSS.

7. Don't want drama when traveling

If you travel with family, lovers, wives, and children, you can play when you are traveling. The "small" problems that arise make the journey end badly, and you will get suffering instead of happiness while traveling.
But if you travel alone, it could be that the problem that arises does not mean anything to your trip.

8. Traveling alone brings little logistics

Traveling alone will be a convenience. You don't need to carry a lot of needs like during a family vacation. Only need to bring what is needed, and leave the others at home. 

Rest assured you can find other equipment during the solo trip.

9. You want to be independent

Traveling solo will make you leave your comfort zone so far. By traveling alone you will be more independent. You will learn to survive with the supplies you have without the help of family and friends who are near you.
You will learn to fight alone.

10. You want to learn about other cultures

When you take a solo trip you will settle in a strange place. You interact more with local residents, understand their traditions and culture.
And there you will learn something very valuable about cultural differences throughout the world.

11. You want to take a religious trip

Many solo travelers get better when they return. They become more humble, selfishness is now behind them. They show greater love due to their travel experiences.
Traveling can bring pleasure and a spiritual journey into one's soul.

12. Want a different experience

When you travel alone, you will get different travel challenges compared to when you go with someone. Every trip you will get a variety of experiences that you will not encounter when traveling with people beside you.
Emotions, feelings, and peace become one.

13. Want to find a life partner

Yeah, who would have guessed where your soul mate will meet.
There are many travelers find their life partners when they travel. This tells you, that traveling alone can be the answer to your life to find the idol of the heart.

14. Want to volunteer

Many travelers when there are a war, human rights violations. they decided to leave. Provide their energy and mind to help fellow human beings.
Traveling is not always looking for pleasure and spending in peaceful places. Traveling can also be done for Humanitarian Aid.

15. Go to a place that is not widely known,

This is an important point when doing solo traveling.
You are free to go anywhere, anywhere. You can visit foreign places that have not been visited by many people. Exploration of untouched parts of the earth.
And when you show it on Instagram, surprise them.
That you find an amazing place.

16. Become an Artist Traveler

The emergence of Youtube has an impact on the world of travel. Many emerging Youtuber who recorded solo traveling activities appeared on Youtube channels. They can build their channel and their own travel program. And this is an advantage for them.

17. Make your trip a producer of money

Many solo travelers make money from their trips. Showing the places they visit on the site of their blogs and getting money from advertisements or sponsors. Or sell their best photos to various services.
Become a travel guide, or create a Youtube channel account and monetize their account.

18. It's actually not alone

Well, even though you travel alone. Actually, you are never alone or lonely. You will often meet other people at any time at your destination. You can mingle with them to share experiences.

19. Go to leave the routine

Many nomadic travelers initially were employees in the company. But they choose to quit their jobs and decide to end a boring life. And decided to go on a trip around the world. Basically only brave people dare to take this decision, but they are not worried and can live from the results of their journey. One of them is a Nomadicmatt traveler.


Traveling alone is very fun and a lot of experience you will get. It is possible that from 19 reasons this does not represent you. But whatever it is if you are ready to take a solo trip in your life then DO IT.

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