13 How to get views and subscribe on youtube in 2019


13 How to get views and subscribe on youtube in 2019 - Subscribe and views won't grow if you just make a video, upload it, then just leave, without optimizing it correctly.

You need a way to get the attention of YouTube visitors to visit your channel and see all the video content you make to get more views and subscribe on youtube in 2019.

How to? that is by promoting your youtube video in various places in the right way.

Imagine where your video ranking is among the millions of other videos on YouTube.

Can your video be there at the end of the YouTube video search?

If it happens,

There is no point in making videos as good and interesting as possible if other people cannot find your video on YouTube.

Unless you already have many subscribe on your Youtube channel, you will no longer have trouble getting more views, because when you upload one video, they will automatically visit your YouTube channel.

But what about a beginner. 

Of course growing customers is very difficult.

For most YouTube users, getting more views is far more difficult than making the video itself, especially having to get a lot of subscribing.

To produce a decent number of views sometimes they don't understand where and how to start promoting the right video.

They often focus on promotions in one place, such as Facebook.

And even then most only become SPAM on groups of walls.

And it will be bad for their youtube channel, so they get a warning of violation from YouTube.

But how do you promote the right YouTube video?

This is where you will be able to learn.

13 How to get views and subscribe on youtube in 2019.

Promote YouTube videos with paid ads.

Paid advertising is perfect for those who manage video businesses or market videos that want to promote their products. But even if your video is not about business but wants to try, there's nothing wrong too, you just need to prepare a budget according to your advertising needs.


1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords provides video advertising services called "Adwords for Video". You only need to make a very interesting 15-second video-shaped ad, budget and target audience. There are 3 types of ad placements that you can choose from such as TrueView, TrueView discovery, and Ad Bumper.

2. Facebook ads

Similar to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads can be used as a place to promote your YouTube videos and channels. You only need to prepare a budget for money.

3. Third party advertising services

This advertising service is used if you do not understand how to advertise on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. You use their services to promote your video on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

The advantage of promotion using paid advertising is that you will not find it difficult to get a lot of youtube video views and increase subscriber numbers.

Weaknesses paid ads: Requires more budget funds. Because the longer your video often appears in ads, the more views you will get.

Promoting Youtube videos organically

Unlike paid advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Where your paid ads will stop showing if your ad budget or target has been completed. Promoting videos in an organic way is far more cost effective and can last a long time on popular video searches.

Here is the promotion of organic YouTube videos to get a number of video views and increase your Youtube subscribe number:

4. By Collaborating

Don't consider other Youtuber as competitors, but just think of them as your friends to grow. Try looking for a youtuber who wants to collaborate with you, or open a guest vlog for another youtube (if you have a Youtuber friend, it might be easier).

If it's hard to find, try to find someone who has a video like you, find a way to contact him and send him a message on their channel, with a request that they want to make a video with you.

But to use promotions through this collaboration method, at least you or your channel is a bit famous, or has a subscriber number that is above 1,000.


If this is too difficult, you can do it below:

5. Become a Guest Blogger on Other Sites

You can become a guest blogger for other sites, such as on authority sites that have many visitors. And they have themes like your Youtube niche.

Your job is to simply create an article and embed the video link in the article.

If the guest blog site has high traffic, your video and channel might get a lot of visitors. That brings a lot of views and subscribes to your channel.

6. Comment on other people's youtube videos

Don't underestimate the youtube comment column.
The famous YouTube channel will certainly be a lot of people will comment. 

Because their viewers want to give their opinions about the video.

This is your chance to promote your video to others, by embedding the video link in the comments column.

You can use this to market your videos.

How to:

Find videos that match your video

Look for comments that aren't too many.

Post comments that match video content:

Avoid comments like "Watch my video too (link)"

But comment like this:

"The video is very interesting, I also have videos that are almost the same that can make people interested."

Keep in mind, for promotions through the comments column it is quite difficult because it could be the admin of the video that you want to comment on does not allow or delete comments that include video links.

7. Youtube promotional videos on social media

There are three popular social media, starting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use social media to promote your videos. It's just that you need to understand each type of social media for promotion and separate SPAM names to avoid violations.

Here's how to sell YouTube videos on every social media:

1. Facebook:

To promote your Youtube video on Facebook, you can immediately share your status on Facebook or search for Fan Pages that match your video niche.
Many people made mistakes in the promotion of Youtube videos on Facebook. 

Namely, they are not aware that Facebook will automatically play the uploaded video when someone scrolls to the bottom. So they don't need to visit your YouTube channel, and this won't be the number of views on your video.

Follow 2 easy ways to promote videos on Facebook:

1. You can make unique video recordings of 30 to 45 seconds from your video. Then add your youtube video link, then share some of your FB groups and walls.

2. You can simply take the youtube link and leave it in the status column, or fan page, then click Share. Your status will display the video thumbnail and in FB status. To do this, create an interesting video thumbnail.

2. Instagram:

Instagram (IG) can indeed promote YouTube videos because this social media platform is for sharing photos or videos. The problem is that viewers will not be invited to your youtube channel, not increasing the number of viewers. 

In addition, Instagram searches are only Hashtag forms (#) instead of links (Instagram website links such as websites or youtube cannot be clicked except in Biodata).

There are 3 ways to sell youtube videos on Instagram:

1. Create a 30-45 second video for your video. Then add your YouTube channel name on the video or in your IG country. Even though the link is dead but if your video is interesting someone will copy your youtube link.
2. Add your youtube link in the bio section. This will make it easier for people who see your IG profile.
3. Create the channel name hashtag (#) and in each post on IG, this will make searching and searching videos easier.
4. Create an instant story and provide a link so you can swipe to your YouTube channel.

3. Twitter

Social media that introduces the Hashtag function (#) almost similar to Instagram. The difference between the duration of the video can be uploaded on Twitter only 2, 40 seconds. The way to promote youtube videos is to make a YouTube video and embed a youtube channel link on every tweet that you make that will directly point to your youtube video if someone clicks.

8. Join the forum

Forum sites always have many members, this is suitable for those of you who want to promote your youtube video to get more views and increase subscriber numbers. But you have to be a little more careful in finding the right forum, choose a forum that matches your channel or video. And look for forums that allow posting youtube videos. Because many forums forbid members to SPAM share their youtube videos to look for views or subscribe.

9. Promote in the G + community

Although not as busy as social media like Facebook. But the G + is still widely used by many people. This is because of the form of community in it. You just choose a community that fits your niche and join
To disclose, you must maintain a community library in place. Don't let you live in a community where you join.

Similar to forums, usually communities in G + strictly prohibit the use of videos that only search for views or subscribe.

Update: Google announces that G + will be closed.

10. Community sites

If you target video views from various worlds. You need to join various community sites below:

1. Reddit

Reddit is one of the largest sites that ranks Alex in 36 places worldwide. You can use this to introduce your videos and get a lot of viewers. You only need to register, and start making posts that will sell your video.


But to post something on Reddit you need to find the policies and regulations that are set, especially for video content, Reddit. Give quite strict rules.

2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a bookmarking site to help search and browse internet users. This is where you can use to advance your video. It's just that the promotion at StumbleUpon is almost similar to Reddit. There are policies where StumbleUpon does not use SPAM content from the same person.

3. Quora

Quora is the largest online discussion site and almost covers many topics. Many people are looking for solutions to problems on this site. If you have a video that is able to answer people's questions on Quora, please choose as the answer to that question.

And the most important thing in Quora often appears on Google searches. So imagine how many video viewers or viewers you will get.

That's how promotional videos increase the audience of your youtube videos that you can apply. If there are ways for promotional videos, please visit the comments column.

11. Consistent

If you want to watch a lot of videos from other people and bring more views and subscribe on youtube in 2019. You have to consistently upload your latest videos on your Youtube channel.

Make a regular schedule of how many times you have to upload videos, whether it's 1 week, 2 weeks, or 2 videos in 1 month.

This will show that your channel is well built according to Youtube visitors.

12. Always Create Interesting Content

It's useless to make lots of videos if your video isn't attractive to your channel visitors. One way to get more views and subscribe is to make very interesting videos.

Starting from the theme of the video, video content, effects, sound, lighting, sound, and others.


Identify all the things that your audience wants, and make videos according to their needs and solve the problem with your video.

1 interesting video that is potentially viral is able to bring more views and subscribe than 20 regular videos.

13. Use the Tubebuddy extension

There are YouTube tools to help you increase the number of views to be able to compete on the Youtube search engine.

Or just to help them rank videos so they are the most popular searches.
You can use the TubeBuddy extension which can be installed using Google Chrome (Only for PCs, not Android).

With this tool, you will be helped to get a good ranking position on YouTube so that you can increase the number of delivery ratios and have an impact on your subscriber number.

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