20 mistakes that often occur during the first trip


20 mistakes that often occur during the first trip - Who doesn't want to travel around the world? There is a lot of experience, beauty, and pleasure to be gained.

For beginner tourists who want to travel the first time, they will always think of worries and fears. What will happen? Mistakes that will be experienced? and how to deal with it?

That's normal.

It cannot be denied that you will make a small or big mistake when you travel first alone. This is a common thing for beginner travelers.

Including me.

I also made a mistake when I made the first trip. And mistakes in the past were an important experience for me when I made my next trip. To be a better journey.

And here I will list 20 mistakes that beginners often make when traveling.

1. Money

Don't travel around the world if you don't have money at all. And don't expect a FREE trip will make your trip like a vacation.

Money is always important when you want to travel to the nearest city or around the world. Having a sufficient budget will help you in preparing unexpected travel costs such as transportation, hotels, food, lodging, and shopping. 

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Because you do not know whether the cost or price in your place will be expensive or cheap from where you live. I have visited tourist attractions that provide recreational ticket prices that are more expensive for foreign tourists than the prices of local tourists.

2. Not preparing initial plans and reserves

This is a mistake often made by novice tourists. Go without preparing an important plan and not prepare a backup plan even though we don't know what will happen. 

Setting up a travel plan list will help you manage your travel time well, while a backup plan will help you if the initial plan cannot be done due to certain factors. So, if you have just made the first trip, make your initial plan and backup.

3. Go at a busy time

If you want to travel to a particular destination/country, make sure it's not the time when people are traveling too. Like at Christmas or New Year.

This will make long lines and flight prices or accommodation prices very expensive.

The best day for your own trip is the low season because travel prices will tend to be cheaper.

4. Go without buying insurance

The next mistake often made by a beginner traveler is to ignore buying travel insurance. Though many experienced travelers recommend buying travel insurance even if they only travel for a few days.

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Insurance makes your trip safe, you don't know if you will get sick, your goods will be stolen or your flight will be canceled.

5. Go without taking an offer of travel price discounts

If you are a beginner traveler, the best thing you have to do is never hesitate to take a discounted price offer to get cheap travel costs. This is very helpful for saving financial budgets even if you only get a $ 50 discount.

Many sites offer travel discounts such as flights and hotels. And you can use the offer.

6. Pack too much

Don't pack too much in your bag. Bring some equipment and supplies that you really need and the rest you can buy while traveling. Bring no more than 5 t-shirts and don't carry more than 2 shoes and more than 2 jeans. And wanting to carry too much can give you extra baggage fees at the airport.

7. Don't exchange currencies

Special regulations in each country use local currency for all purposes. So do not let when you travel abroad you still use your country's money. This will make it difficult for you to make transactions and you will have difficulty finding a currency exchange in a foreign country.

8. Afraid of talking to local people

Don't be afraid to say hello and talk to local people even if you just say "hello". Different languages ​​do not mean you are not talking to them at all. 

And fortunately all over the world, English is a language that is widely used and in the whole world, there must be people who can speak English even if not fluently.

9. Fear of getting lost

Hey, getting lost is interesting for those who like to travel. And in this world with technological advancements, you can't be lost in the forest. So why should you be afraid to travel to foreign places that you have never visited?

The solution, if you get lost somewhere, is the best way to ask the locals, and if the locals can't use English, go to the nearest hotel. Because hotel staff usually speak English. And they can help you.

10. Panic

Being in a strange place with language limitations and you don't know anyone to help will cause anxiety and panic if you make a mistake. But if you want to travel try to calm down and think of the best solution to the problem that arises. Panic will make things worse.

11. Hire a travel agent for the first trip

Travel agents may be very safe to travel to countries around the world safely. You only need to buy a tour package and you will be guided by them in interesting places.

But this will make you spend a lot of money and you can't do anything.
If you travel alone, you are free to determine where you are going and don't need a big trip.

12. cheated

We cannot judge people in their guise, these fraudsters will always appear wherever you go. And don't be afraid if you make a mistake by being fooled while traveling, whether it's a taxi driver who puts up a high price, a photographer who takes your camera, a small child or a beautiful woman who pulls your wallet while walking and a seller who gives expensive bills for snacks.

There is no sure thing how to avoid this form of fraud. The best thing to do is always be careful and collect lots of information before traveling.

I myself was cheated when I made the first trip with a taxi driver, was cheated the second time by taxi drivers in various countries, and cheated by food vendors when I had lunch. But that didn't make me afraid to make the next trip.

13. Want to go to all places at once

If you are thinking of seeing as many tourist attractions as possible in 1 day. Guaranteed you will not feel happy while traveling. The best thing about travel is that you know the goals one by one starting from that person, food, and culture. If you can't see everything within a few days while traveling, make your motivation to return next year.

14. Trust excessive travel guidebooks

Travel guidebooks are very helpful to get to know and provide information about the destinations you visit. Starting from the best history, culture, place to live and food.

But make a book just for your guide. You don't have to do what is in the book from A to Z.

You are free to do anything, you can visit other places that are not included in the guidebook, you are free to choose a bed, you are free to choose food. There are many interesting things that cannot be written in this book.

15. Shop too much

Buying something is very tempting when traveling, especially if you see unique products typical of the country you are visiting. But buying too many items will make your money run out quickly. 

So you should not buy souvenirs at the beginning of the trip, but buying, in the end, you will go home, you can find out how much money you have and what is enough to buy the product. And one more, buy items that are not large.

16. Too obsessed with photography

Actually taking photos to capture the moment was not entirely wrong. It's just that sometimes beginner travelers are too busy taking pictures to forget the main purpose of travel. 

They are too obsessed with documenting every scene of travel, sculpture, place, and sunset to get 300 images full of their camera memory. They do not realize that the meaning of travel is to enjoy a pleasant and pleasant experience in the head's memory, not only capturing lots of pictures and only being stored on laptops for years.

17. Don't check visa requirements

You must know what visa you use to travel and what conditions are. For travel, you need a tourist visa and to make it require time and this has a validity period. 

Many tourists use a tourist visa and stay longer than the specified time. And finally, they must be interrogated at the airport.

18. Don't replace the Local SIM Card

When you are in another country for 10 days or 2 weeks, you must replace your cellular SIM card with a local SIM card. This can give you a cheaper fee to stay connected with an internet connection or telephone call.

19. Don't tell your bank

The mistake of credit card users when traveling is that they do not notify bank employees that they want to travel abroad. So that when they make transactions in other countries, the bank will confirm that the transaction is illegal.

20. Don't download Offline Maps

Don't just rely on online maps. You don't know which place doesn't have an internet connection. Downloading offline maps helps you get lost in a place that does not have an internet connection.


Errors can occur at any time, either for beginner travelers or those who are experienced. All mistakes in the journey can be your experience to travel to the next destination. And every mistake has a solution, and the best way to avoid problems during a trip is to prepare the plan as best as possible.

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