18 Tips for safe ways for women to travel solo


18 Tips for safe ways for women to travel solo - Many women ask "is it safe to travel solo around the world without someone accompanying them?"

The answer is traveling solo for women VERY SAFE ONCE.

Before fear comes to you to take a solo trip. You must know first a surprising fact about a woman's journey.

There is an interesting fact now, where world travelers traveling solo continue to increase more, and travelers are dominated by women than men around the world. This is based on the results of a survey conducted by one travel site.

85.7% is dominated by women and 13.7% is done by men.

There are many questions why women travel more than men?

There are several responses obtained for this answer:

1. Women love adventure more than men
2. Women prefer to be alone
3. Traveling offers a break for a woman's body and mind

And why do women choose to travel solo?

46% said they had more freedom, opportunity, and independence to do what they wanted.

22% they don't want to wait for someone else

15% Want to challenge yourself to gain confidence

Even though women are superior in traveling solo than men. Women must remember that the earth is vast and there are a variety of different cultures and types of people that might not suit you.

So there are some important tips to consider to get security when traveling for women.

1. Believe in your instincts

Women are not like men who dare to take dangerous risks, women tend to use their intuition to decide something. Trusting instincts can sometimes bring safety. It could be that your subconscious is watching what your eyes don't see. 

When you feel uncomfortable and feel something is not right will happen whether it's a person's destination or behavior. Go, make any excuses to go away.

2. Hide your money

Money is always the goal of thieves everywhere. When they see your wallet containing a lot of money, they won't think twice about taking it from you. So when you get out of the hotel, bring enough money and save other things on your ATM card or leave some in your hotel.

3. Don't use striking jewelry

Just like money, jewelry in the form of gold or diamonds is very easy to invite people to commit crimes against you. To make your trip safe, you should leave your precious jewelry at home and simply use nondescript accessories.

4. Don't overpack

When compared with men, women's needs are far more in daily activities and so are traveling. Pack a little more, bring the necessities that are important for your trip. Carrying a lot of equipment will make you difficult while traveling. Remember that you can buy other necessities at the destination.

5. Dress appropriately

You certainly want to look fashionable and beautiful. But not to attract unwanted attention. Because most men and women in various countries are very curious about blonde women with blue eyes. When traveling try using the right clothes.

The right clothes do not mean you have to use traditional clothing like the area you are visiting, but you can use what local clothing is worn by local women. Long jeans and skirts are usually the most commonly worn clothes for women around the world.

6. Don't go where it's not clear

When you travel, visit places that are landmarks or national tourist attractions. Going to quiet or not well-known places can make you the target of criminals. If you are forced to walk past a quiet place try to find another way or invite a friend you know to live in to help you.

7. Meet people

Traveling solo can make you feel lonely. And the best thing about traveling solo is that you are not truly alone, you can meet friendly locals or connect with other tourists. Mingling with other people is very useful to take some of the best travel advice.

8. Don't look like a tourist

You are indeed traveling, but don't look like a tourist who always carries a big bag and holds a map. Tourists are often the target of people to take advantage of you. Act like you have lived there for a long time. There can be food like local food or you use local residents' clothes.

9. Don't travel to a country where women don't have rights

There are several countries that have strict regulations for women such as the Middle East. But this regulation was made on the basis of the goodness of the woman herself in accordance with religion and culture. If you are a free person, who wants to use a bikini when going to the beach, you are forbidden to go to this country. But if you can follow the rules of the country you can go at any time.

10. Come to the destination daytime

The best thing to keep safe while traveling solo is to come to a new location when it's still noon. Because people are still crowded and you can be prepared to determine your place of residence before dark. Coming at night to women is very vulnerable to crime and usually public facilities in some countries are not open 24 hours. This will trouble you.

11. Tell your family or your friends

When you travel solo it is important to always connect with your family or friends regularly. Tell them that you will go where or what activities. This action to make them know that you are fine. And if they don't receive news from you they can do something. And don't forget to give the hotel telephone number when you stay.

12. Don't let anyone touch you

The survey shows female solo travelers feel very insecure because of the crime of sexual abuse. This often happens at airports, planes, and destinations. (HNN - Survey shows female travelers feel unsafe solo).

So wherever you don't let strangers touch you improperly. Women are often the target of sexual abuse crimes with various motives. An important tip to avoid this is not to give the opportunity for foreign hands to approach your body.
Survey women's solo trips to avoid crime.

80% of women have considered safety issues related to sexual harassment crimes and assault.

65% of women examine the safety of their destination before they leave. Information is collected from news sites, friends or travel blogs.

13. Look for local friend connections

If you have a close friend or relative whom you know in another country, invite them to be your friends around the destination. Having a local friend is much safer when traveling solo for a woman. If you don't have a close friend in another country, maybe you can find friends on social media like Facebook to get local friends who are truly trustworthy. Try checking your Facebook friend, maybe you will get a good friend.

14. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance for anyone, be it a woman or a man, travel insurance protects you in full of various risks while traveling. It's important to have them to keep you safe and comfortable enjoying a trip without fear.

15. Be aware of city and market vehicles

City transportation and markets have always been the target of pickpockets to commit crimes. A crowd is their place to take your belongings in your pocket and in your bag. Never put your wallet and cellphone in the back pocket or put your bag in the back position when crowded and crowded. This will make it easy for pickpockets to pick up your things.

16. Don't insult or fight

When you travel, never yell, insult or fight with local residents or other fellow tourists, this is very dangerous for your safety. Local residents are very unfriendly if you are considered to have humbled them. So if you are involved in something that can cause problems, apologize and leave from there. And other tourists are your fellow travelers, they can help if you invite friends.

17. Be alert when checking in a hotel room.

If you want to stay in a hotel, make sure the receptionist doesn't say your room number so loud that other people besides you hear it. Because generally, the receptionist will say with a soft voice and slowly. If they say your room number loudly, ask for a new room and ask them not to say but write down your room. And when you are in your room, always pay attention to the hotel equipment if something is suspicious. Don't let your room have Spycam.

18. Follow local custom rules

This is important to get you accepted by local people. They really like travelers who follow their customary rules. If you travel to the city of Toraja - Indonesia, you are prohibited from making jokes with skulls in the cave. If you do, you will get a large penalty and penalty fee.


Many women have traveled around the world alone or with friends. This proves that traveling for women is very safe. There are many good people out there, but bad people are there too, your lucky day too, but your bad luck day might also be there. You only need to avoid silly actions and always be vigilant when walking or meeting other people just like your everyday life. Now make your travel plans and enjoy your trip.

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