43 list of travel tools and resources


43 list of travel tools and resources - As long as I travel to various places in the world. Makes me search and try to make a list of travel tools and resources to get the best travel experience for my life.

Including trying one by one the tools and travel resources that can help me deal with the most difficult situation while traveling. Starting from the website, APP, bags, clothing and transportation, and various other things.

And now I have compiled a list of travel tools and resources that might help you who want to travel around the world.

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And hopefully, this list of tools and resources can be your best reference.

43 List of Travel Tools and Resources


The list of travel tools and resources that you must first have is Maps and Translators. Because you will explore the world, travel to a strange place that you haven't seen at all and you don't know what language they use. This tool will help you on every trip.

And here are the tools that you can use:

1. Google Map

The world map is now on our smartphone. And this helps travelers to find their destination. And this is the application that I use often. I just type the name and the "Boom" Google Map will display the address I'm looking for. And if I want to go there, Google Map will give me a route and some options for traveling, whether you want to use a taxi, motorcycle, busway or walk.

2. Google Translate

This is useful for you if you want to communicate with local residents if your language is different. Many people who cannot speak English in the world smoothly. And this tool really helps.

What I often do if I can't give a hint with my other hand or body movements. I chose to use Google translate.

This is very helpful!

3. Bing Translator

Well, this is similar to Google Translate.

If you don't want to use Google, you can use Bing if you want to translate words or languages elsewhere.

4. Travel guidebook

There are many travel guidebooks that you can get, and now these are usually in the form of E-books. The guidebook contains various locations and points of interest for the city you want to visit written by experienced travelers. So you will be very helpful for information about your destination.

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Website and Flight APP and Hotels

For a traveler who travels the world, knowing the schedules and costs of flights and finding a place to stay is important. Many sites and App that can make it easier for travelers to find various flight and hotel information. 

And here is a list of tools and resources for some of the sites and apps that I have tried frequently or to help you find flights and hotels:

5. Google Flight

This is the easiest way to find flights and hotels. When you enter a keyword, Google will immediately help you search for a particular flight.

6. Booking

This is one of the travel tools for booking flights and hotel rentals that are most widely used by world travel. Even people who travel to work.

I myself use this site when traveling the world. There are around 1,977,107 properties in 229 countries that help me find cheap flights and hotels on the website or Booking app.

Apart from flights and accommodation, Booking you can use to rent a car or search for an airport car.

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7. Momondo

This is also one of the sites I often use to search for flights and hotels. Momondo uses more than 8 Country languages. Here you can also rent a car and find the best vacation spots around the world.

8. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the famous global travel sites for flight search, hotels, and car rental. And this site is one of the tools and resources that I often use during travel. if you want to travel alone try to use Skyscanner. Many features that you will get, including searching for dates and months at cheap flight prices. You can also determine which airport you want to go by yourself, or you can use the "Everywhere" function to find the cheapest airport to fly around the world.

9. Kayak

You can use this site to travel abroad. Kayak will offer you several choices of destinations along with a list of flight prices and several hotel rooms. Or if you want to do your own search, Kayak will help you search for flights and hotels with several choices ranging from the best, cheapest and fastest. You can search quickly and easily.

10. Agoda

If you want to find cheap flight tickets and hotels, you can search the Agoda website. This site offers a variety of airlines at the lowest prices and provides discounts on hotel rooms up to 80%. This will save your budget for traveling around the world.

11. Traveloka

If you go to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or other Asian countries. You can use Traveloka to find your best flights and hotels. I really like this Traveloka when visiting Bali, I can book flight tickets + hotels at a cheaper cost than if I ordered separately. Many things are offered in one application other than cheap (There are no tax fees and other fees, Only the deposit fee when at the hotel as collateral). 

I can find the most popular recreational places in Indonesia and other Asian regions. Another interesting thing I got was the availability of searches for overseas internet SIM cards.

12. Trivago.com

The easiest search site for accommodation to find the place to stay that suits you.

And I like to use this application if I want to find the cheapest hotel or the hotel closest to my destination.

Trivago is one of the hotel search sites that compares the prices of various 200 booking sites. If you want to use this site, just enter the name of the destination, and Trivago will display the hotel and price list. You just choose the hotel that you like and Trivago will direct you to the site that offers the hotel you choose.

13. Airbnb

The search site for this stay is quite different from other accommodation sites. Airbnb focuses on peer-made lodging that will give you the experience and comfort of a stay amazing as a guest at someone else's property. For the price of the night, it is quite affordable compared to the place offered.

I like to use this application to find pleasant lodging.

14. SecretFlying

This is not a hotel search site but it is similar to Trivago. It's just to look for the cheapest flights. This is only useful if you want to travel spontaneously (Because you cannot determine your destination and date of departure as you wish), ScreatFlying only gives you the cheapest departure dates from several airlines for several places, such as Paris, France to Boston, US only with $ 225 roundtrip. 

If you are lucky your place of departure and your destination will be available if you search.

I like this travel tool.

15. HostelWord

If you want to find a hotel or hostel, try using this HostelWord app. They have databases all over the world. They will help you find the best and cheapest hotel or hostel. And they will display a list of rooms on certain dates if they are fully booked. 

So you will not experience losses. 

One more thing I like about HostelWord is that they have group orders for several people together, and there are guaranteed bookings.

16. TrustedHousesitters

Do you want to travel and stay free in a beautiful house? Yes, free. You are not asked for lodging fees while staying there. It's just that you have to do homework like taking care of dogs in exchange for the cost of staying. 

TrustedHousesitters is a site that brings homeowners who have dogs with dog managers in their homes in exchange for staying free at home and being paid a reasonable fee.

If you have the ability to keep dogs well. Try using TrustedHousesitters. And stay free while traveling.

17. CouchSurfing

It's almost the same as social networking that allows homeowners to kindly meet travelers and offer them a place to live. Many CouchSurfing communities throughout the world. And you can use this site to find a place to live and make new friends.


The next list of tools and resources that are very important for travelers is the Tour and Tour Guide. If you need a reliable guide to help you understand the contents of the city? visit the site below if you need a tour guide or to find interesting places.

Travel equipment or travel resources below will really help you.

18. WikiVoyage

This is useful for finding out about the information where you want to go. Tourist attractions, food, currency, language, habits, and natural conditions. This will really help you plan and get to know your destination before traveling.

19. ToursByLOCALS

If you are the first time traveling around the world and do not know what to do. You can use the ToutsByLOCALS site. This site provides tours of travel throughout the world including cruises and they also provide good tour guides to your liking. If you only want to use a tour guide to get around the city you can contact them and choose them according to their language skills.

20. Lonely Planet

This is a very good site to help us travel. This site is quite complete with bookings and travel tours plus travel insurance. Not only that, but this site also displays various interesting destinations and also shares some important tips for each city that will be visited. 

You can also buy a travel guide book in LonelyPlanet.

21. Halaltrips (Muslim Travel Tours)

You are Moslem? Don't be afraid to travel. The Halaltrips site will help you to travel abroad. This site was created to help Muslims find halal food and beverage places, and help find mosques to worship. This site really helps you make Islamic trips.

22. Tripadvisor

This is one of the travel sites that I often use. Besides being used to book flights and hotel rooms. This site also provides popular places in various countries with various reviews from other travelers. This really helped me to make the right decision to visit a place.

Other user reviews really help to build trust.

23. Rough Guides

This trip will help you find interesting places in various countries. You can book accommodation, reservations and rent a car on this site. You can also buy a guidebook on this site to help you easily explore the place you are going to.

24. GetYourGuides

This is a tour guide site that you can use if you want to get a fun travel experience. By using GetYourGuides you can simply determine the location of your destination and you will get a reliable tour guide who understands the ins and outs of the city.

25. WithLocals.com

This is almost the same as ToursbyLOCALS, you can choose the tour guide you want. It's just that the destination has been determined by the tour guide. Oh, but take it easy, you can negotiate with the tour guide.

Interested in using a tour guide?

26. Expedia

The company that comes from a combination of words of exploration and speed (Expedia) operates more than 200 travel booking sites in around 75 countries, with more hotel and flight data stored.

So this site is one of the travel tools and resources that can be used.


Travel insurance is not just medical protection but more than that. Travel insurance will help you in many ways such as loss of goods, delayed flight or a family death. Even though you might not use it, this will help you still feel safe while traveling. Check this travel insurance list for the safety of your trip.

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27. World Nomads

When you want to travel, of course, fear of danger or loss will always be thought of. And the best solution to feeling safe when traveling is to use good travel insurance. World Nomads provides travelers with excellent needs and provides competitive prices, which are widely used by travelers. So you can rely on them while traveling.

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28. Columbus Direct

This is the next travel insurance that you can use for your travel safety. Columbus Direct offers travel insurance from 1988, well they have experience helping tourists. So you can use them for the peace and comfort of your trip because they are professional travel insurance.

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29. GRAB

If you go to Southeast Asia, you will easily find them to help you travel. You can simply install the GRAB app on your smartphone and be ready to use them. They also now exist in the form of two-wheeled vehicles.

30. Go-Jek

I like to use this App when visiting Indonesia. Similar to GRAB, But Go-Jek is a pioneer in motorcycle online transportation services (OJEK) in Indonesia, even in the name of Go-Viet in Vietnam. Go-Jek also has online taxi and food delivery (Go-Food).

You can see it completely in the Go-Jek App.

31. Uber

Just like other online taxis. Uber is an app that you can use to find taxis online while traveling. So you don't need to be afraid to be cheated.


During the trip, my travel equipment adjusted to the place and time of my trip. Sometimes I bring a little and sometimes a lot of equipment. But there is some equipment that I always input every time I travel. And here is a list of recommended packaging for you:

32. Hiking Backpack

Do you want to travel around the world for a long time? Backpacks with a size that is large enough will help you keep a lot of things needed while traveling. You simply choose to use a Hiking Backpack or a Baypack Backpack.

33. Clothing

If I travel for only a few days, I only wear a small backpack and only carry enough clothes. But if I travel for a few weeks I will bring enough clothes in a large backpack.

List of clothes that I often carry:

4 Short T-shirts
2 Long T-shirts
1 Swimwear
4 Install Socks
1 Install flip-flops
5 Install Boxer pants
1 towel

34. Toiletries and Compressed Sacks

If you stay in a hotel the needs of toiletries may have been slightly fulfilled. But if you live in a simple inn, you must have private toiletries for bathing. This compression bag is very useful for separating dirty clothes. You certainly don't want your clean clothes to join dirty smelly clothes. Sack packs are very helpful to keep clothes clean.

35. Combination Lock

This is to maintain the security of the contents of your bag while traveling. You need this while traveling and inside the hotel. I myself always use this key to avoid the risk of losing items.

36. Headlamp LED

This object is important if you travel to a country where electricity is still not much in the countryside. Or if you want to travel up the mountain. Prepare one, and your night trip will be clear.


37. Smartphone

Mobile phones are equipment that I should not leave. Because I really need this when traveling for communication and other important things. The cellphone that I use is Samsung S8 and it is very reliable to replace my camera if I want to take pictures or make videos.

38. Digital Cameras

I brought a camera to get good pictures and video quality. It's not easy to carry a camera, because this item is easily lost or damaged, I must always be careful and alert. The camera that I use Canon G7X Mark II, this camera has a touch screen feature and the screen can be flexible up to 180 degrees suitable for photos and video blogs.

39. GoPro Action Camera

This camera is for making videos for action activities. I can't always capture all the moments in each of my trips or activities, such as riding a motorbike or budge jumping, and using a GoPro action camera the right solution when compared to having to use a digital camera at any time.

40. Laptop

This is for the blogging needs that I need most and at the same time to edit and save photos or videos of my trip. It's dangerous to carry things like this because they are prone to damage. But I can't leave this. I use a 14-inch laptop with a thin body and long battery life.

41. Universal Travel Adapter

Each country has a different type of plug. So it's important for you to have one universal adapter for your smartphone, laptop or camera needs. So, make sure this object is one of the travel tools that you must have.

42. Powerbank

On average, all of my trips nowadays use smartphones, so it's important for me to bring Powerbank to make my Smartphone turn on.

43. Selfie Sticks and Tripod

It's very important for me to take my photos or photos of other beautiful places. So if you want to take pictures without a lot of vibration. You can take it on a trip, but choose a tripod that is not too big.

Here is a list of the tools and resources of my trip that have been used for many years. There are all these lists that I always use and some that I use only for a few moments while traveling because in the end the travel tools and resources will always change according to the place of travel and when traveling.

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