9 Ways to travel at the lowest cost

9 Ways to travel at the lowest cost - Traveling cheaply is very different from making a free trip. Having a financial budget is always important when traveling anywhere. You can't go without money in your wallet.

I once found a question on an internet forum.

"I don't have money, can I travel around the world?"

"How do I travel for free?"

And well, many people give answers like this:

1. Work as a volunteer
2. Work in the field of flight aviation (Pilots & Flight Attendants)
3. Work on a cruise ship

If you want to travel around the world for free for volunteer or Work Activities, of course, their answer is TRUE.

Well, 100% correct.

But if you want to travel around the world NOT FOR JOBS, but to make a pleasant trip, is that the right solution?

Of course not.

Traveling for FREE around the world is probably just a myth, you still need MONEY. You certainly have to eat and find a place to live.

All you can do is make your traveling budget cheaper.

And here are 9 ways to travel around the world at the lowest cost.
Ways to reduce travel costs.

1. Travel alone

If you want to travel around the world with little money, then do it yourself. Don't go with your family, friends or lovers. Because that will make your travel costs more expensive.

When I say it myself, you should also avoid traveling in a tour suit.

The tour provides comfortable travel but they often use the price which is quite expensive for accommodation.

Don't be afraid to travel alone even though this is the first time for you. Many things you can learn on this blog how to travel around the world alone.

2. Don't travel in Peak season

There is a busy season where many people decide to travel, such as the New Year, Christmas, World Cup, and Specific Festivals. When you travel in that season you will certainly get skyrocketing travel costs.

I often travel outside that season, and as a result, I often get cheap travel prices.

This is really beneficial if you travel outside the peak season because there are fewer lines of people traveling and popular places that are deserted by visits by local and foreign tourists.

Most spring countries are the right time to travel.

3. Order flight tickets at cheap times

For those of you who have the time and date that is flexible to travel. Then you have to make sure when is the right time to get cheap flight prices. Finding cheap flights will help you cut your travel time to your destination.

Every airline has almost the same time and date to give a cheap price because this is how they compete. And your job is to find out how to find it.

Two ways that solo travelers often find cheap flight tickets:

1. Order a few weeks before departure

This is very useful if you want to go at times when busy people travel. So the price you will get now is a very cheap price if you buy when people want to travel at that time.

2. Book in the days that get the best deals

Not all days have the best offers provided by airlines. And sometimes 1 month is not provided the cheapest flight price offer. But if you get a day when the airplane ticket prices drop from a normal day, order your flight.

The day is usually a day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

4. Go to a cheap destination

Many people offer or share travel experiences in famous cities or countries. With various places and beautiful scenery.

You don't have to follow them.

Try to be careful.

Many promoted cities or countries often have high prices. Food, hotels, entertainment and recreation areas.

If you want to travel on a small budget, then you have to find a destination that offers a cheap price. Starting from lodging, food and transportation rental.

I myself prefer to travel to rural areas, there are far cheaper than the capital city.

But that doesn't mean I don't like traveling to the city.

5. Find cheap accommodations

When I travel I like to stay in cheap inns, citizen houses or public places that can be used for sleeping. It really helps me to keep my money more effectively. 

Not only me, but every solo traveler will also definitely avoid 5-star luxury hotels and prefer cheap housing.

Accommodation is one of the fixed costs which costs more. If you can keep your money from staying in a luxury place, you have made a huge reduction in costs as a backpacker.

6. Choose a cheap or free recreation place

The way to save your money budget when traveling is to visit cheap or free places. Like beaches, playgrounds, museums, and markets in your neighborhood.

Beaches and markets are always places for travelers to do their activities. That's because you don't need to spend a lot of money to enter. Unless you shop.

7. Look for cheap entertainment venues

The bar has always been a favorite place for travelers when traveling, especially travelers from continental Europe or America.

It's ridiculous to go far just to spend money on a few glasses of alcoholic drinks.
For those who have a lot of money, of course, it doesn't matter.

But if you want to travel by spending a little money, the Bar is not the best place to find entertainment.

Try to find cheap or free entertainment venues besides bars. There are many things and places that can please you.

Try to drink tea.

8. Use Cash

Save your ATM card and use cash when shopping at the destination. This will save you money.

Paying with a credit card will cause a lot of cost cuts if done continuously in different countries.

You do not know how much currency exchange rates and bank transaction fee deductions per country.

So if your currency is different at the destination. Please exchange your currency in your area before traveling.

9. Use your feet

If you want to save more of your money on travel costs, avoid using taxis to go from one destination to another.

Just use your feet to walk to a place if the distance is not too far away.
I often do this activity, if the place I want to visit is only 1-2 KM from where I stay. 

I will walk for 1 hour.

Just bring mineral water in hand and I save money and get a nice view on foot.


These are just a few outlines of how I travel with little money. Actually, there are many activities that you can do to get a cheap trip every time. You only need to find or arrange it. Not everything that I wrote above is forbidden for you to do, you are free to determine it, it doesn't have to be like me.

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