Complete Guide How to Buy a car for the first time

Complete Guide How to Buy a car for the first time

Everyone wants to have their own car to help travel wherever and whenever they want. Just buying a car for the first time can be very difficult for people who have never bought a vehicle in their lives.

Buying a car for the first time Instead of choosing a car for you, you are traveling, but also for your future investment.

It is important to make a plan to purchase a car that suits you well.
This is because you will be confused with various brands, various types and you have to buy according to your needs.

And this is a difficult challenge to decide when you have a car.

Remember, it's very easy to fall in love with a car that you see in front of your eyes, it's just that if you buy your car wrong, it will make you lose money for finance and maintenance.

Here are some important tips we need to buy a car for the first time. Please read this article to completion.

The main tips for buying a car first

1. Prepare your money

Budget funds are very important for buying a car. Good to buy the first time or to buy times. Everyone will review for you to prepare money first.
The financial budget that you have to prepare is not only for cars but also for operational costs that cannot be used. This includes:

a. Maintenance costs

This is one of the operational costs that you will prepare a lot. Starting from prohibitions, oil, services and simple maintenance such as washing cars. But if you can do your own treatment, you can reduce the cost of treatment.

b. Tax Fees

If you buy a car this year, you will be taxed the road tax as a car owner, this has become a rule in every country in the world. In some countries, there should be cars that are not taxed by the government.

c. Fuel 

This is the most costly fund for you because you need to buy fuel every day to keep your car running. This is what is important for finding fuel-efficient cars.

Having a sufficient budget makes you freer to choose your first car, never buy a car if you don't have a good financial budget.

2. New or used car

You have to decide whether your first car is a new car or a used car.

If you buy a new car, of course, you will get various damage warranty protection or free maintenance costs for one year. It's just that sometimes the seller will add your costs such as insurance, and sometimes warranty protection is only for heavy accidents.

If you buy a used car, of course, you don't get a car that still shines. And you may have to be confused to decide whether to buy at a dealer or with a private car seller.

The advantage is that you will get a cheaper price.

3. Determine the type of payment

This is the importance of determining your financial budget first. By knowing the amount of money you have you can decide whether to buy with cash or by using a credit loan by a bank or a third party.

Buying a vehicle with cash will certainly make you avoid bank loans. And buying cash often gets cashback or other discounts. It's just that you have to really calculate the budget properly, so as not to disrupt the financing of your other life.

Buying a car with a bank loan or a third party will certainly help you to have a car quickly. But you have installments that must be paid in accordance with the agreement. Late payments can get you a fine, but if you can arrange payments on time, you certainly won't get a problem.


Many people suggest buying a car the first time it's better to pay in cash.

4. Check your needs

Before you decide to buy a car for the first time, you must know about what your car needs to be. Is it only to be used to go to the office and take the child to school, or to help you bring lots of people or to lift camping equipment. 

Do you want a luxury car, sport, SUV, sedan or truck? 

This is important because each car is designed for different needs. If you want a family car, you can buy a car with a sedan type or a small car, or if you want a car with extensive space and luggage, you can buy an SUV with large engine power.

5. Find out what you want from the car

When you want to buy a car, find out what you want from the car as an advantage to make it easier for you to make a decision when choosing. 

Consider whether you want a car like this:

• The distance of the passenger seat is quite wide.
• Cars are fuel efficient.
• Extensive rear storage baggage
• Safety features provided by the car.
• Cars that last a long journey.
• Cars can run on snow land.

To make it easier for you to find the advantages of a car, you can read the specifications of the car on the internet, there are many sites that review vehicles.

6. Determine your car brand

Maybe you already have a favorite brand when deciding to buy a car the first time, but you also need to know about the brands of some other cars. This is useful to know which brand is the best and fits your money and needs.

And most importantly, each brand offers different offers and services for their customers, so you should be able to check what you will get when buying a car with a particular brand.

To help you, there are several world-famous car brands:


  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Cadillac
  • GMC
  • Jeep
  • Tesla


  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • Mazda

South Korea:

  • Hyundai
  • KIA


  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • Peugeot
  • Mini Coopers
  • Ferrari
  • Audi
  • Lamborghini
  • Fiat
  • Volvo

Take the 3 car brands you want, and compare each car.

7. Check and compare car prices

The most important thing when buying a car for the first time is to find out about car prices and compare the prices of other cars. This will make you find a cheap price. Many factors cause the prices of cars to vary, including yourself. You can choose a car that is a little more expensive if it suits your needs.
To find out prices and compare cars you can use the internet, there are many sites that you can use.

Kelley Blue Book

8. Check the selling price of the car

Some say that the car is not an investment, because the price of the car will continue to fall. But this assumption is not too precise, even though the price of old cars will continue to decrease every year, but there are some brands that can survive with a high enough selling price. This will certainly benefit you a little. 

If you are buying your car for the first time, you must be able to determine this selling price as your investment in the future. Because you could want to replace a new car a few years after buying.

9. Buy a car in partnership or owner

Buying a car for the first time at a dealer or a used car at a used dealer or private seller has different benefits and benefits.

Buy a car at a dealer - they offer many offers such as cashback and discounts. They also offer a guarantee and several financing options. And they help you to prepare documents.

Buy your first car at a used dealer - they help you to pay for car purchases, they also help you prepare documents, and they also offer guarantees on the used cars they sell.

If you choose a used car as your first car and buy it from a private owner - they don't help you with the transfer of ownership, you have to do it yourself, and they have no warranty. The advantage is that you get a cheaper price.

To get a guide on how to buy a used car, you can read it here: A complete guide to buying a used car

10. Availability of official workshops

Check whether there is an official workshop for the car you want to buy at your place. Because car repairs in official workshops are more profitable than having to make repairs in other mechanics because the mechanic in the official workshop knows more about the type of your car and auto parts are usually widely available.

11. Conform to your personality

Apart from needs, many people buy their first car because it suits them. Those who are 25 years old tend to like sports cars or sedans. Because they are interested in speed and modification. Whereas those who are 50 years old really like SUVs or Trucks. Because it looks elegant and comfortable.

12. Check Vehicle Insurance

The cost of car insurance depends on several factors such as age, driving experience or other. Car insurance may be a little expensive at your place, but this is very useful for the protection of the first car. So you have to know about vehicle insurance in your place before buying.

13. Test the vehicle

When you have drawn up a plan, prepare a budget, choose a brand and type of car. When you decide to buy a car, do a test drive first to convince you to follow up or not. For a test drive, you can't do it just walk 1000 meters, but try to go a little further to find out that your first car is very comfortable and in accordance with what you want.

Avoid mistakes that are often made when buying the first car

Buying the first car is quite difficult because you will think of all the things to get the car you want. The mistake of buying your first car can make you lose hundreds of dollars and can affect your budget and years.
Many factors cause a person to make a mistake when buying a car. As follows:

1. Not doing research

The mistake of a beginner when making a first car purchase is not doing research in detail. Don't find out what they need and what they want from the car they buy. Don't just look for dealers recommended by your friends or social media. Take your time to research more vehicles to find vehicles. You might find a good car around you, but if you walk or find out more you will get the best car at the right price.

2. Love first sight

People who want to buy a car for the first time often get stuck with "Love at first sight", they are too fast to fall in love when they first see, be it appearance, price cuts, performance, but they fail to consider real needs. Sedans may be suitable for those who want to find a family car, but this has small storage baggage. SUVs are suitable for family cars, and have extensive luggage, but have an expensive price.

To choose your first car, make sure it fits your needs and finances.

3. Not counting all financing budgets

The mistake that often occurs is that many people who want to buy a car for the first time do not calculate the overall other operational costs. They only focus on the price of the advertised car. Though there are many costs that you will spend, such as fuel, scheduled maintenance, and insurance. Not yet the risks that arise such as rising fuel prices, unexpected damage to your car and routine maintenance.

If you have prepared a large budget, this is certainly not a problem. If you have a tight budget, cars with low prices can be a good choice because they are easy to maintain and repair.

4. The first car must be a new car

Many people assume that "the first car is a new car". This is clearly wrong thinking. The first time your car does not have to be a new car, you can make a used car your best choice to have a car.
New cars have more expensive prices, higher insurance, and higher depreciation prices. In contrast to used cars that have experienced price depreciation, so when you buy will get cheaper prices and lower insurance.
Buying a used car as well as your first car will save you thousands of dollars.

5. Tempted by low prices

Cheap prices are tempting, but you should never be fooled quickly by installing the prices offered to you. If it's a new car, it might be a good choice, but does the car fit your needs? Paying a little more for the car you need might be needed.

If you buy a used car and get a cheap price, you should do a detailed inspection. Because maybe the used car sold, has a lot of damage and the seller just wants the car to be sold quickly.

6. Taking long-term financing

Many people who buy the first car with credit, will take a longer payment term to reduce the cost of monthly payments. The fact is that the longer you take the time period, the more expensive and a lot of money must be spent. The best solution is to consider buying a new car at a low price, so you don't impose your financial budget, or buy a used car at a low price.

7. Buy a used car without research

If you choose a used car as your first car, do not immediately buy without checking in detail. Remember, anyone can eliminate dent in the body of the car and can cover oil leaks. Don't get into the trap of buying a car that "looks good".
Do a deep test to find out if the car is worth buying. If you don't understand mechanics, you can bring your friends who understand the vehicle.

8. Depressed by the seller

The seller will always know that you are looking for your first car. And they will immediately show a promotional strategy so that the car they sell is quickly bought. They will press you with the saying, "this car provides cashback", "This car is perfect for you", "Discount purchases only occur today", the fact that the car may not suit your needs or even not meet your financial budget.
If you get service like that, you better go around alone.

9. Do not test drive

You might have your favorite car brand as the first car, and have heard a lot of advantages from many people that the car is good. And you are interested in buying that car.
The mistake is that you don't test the car to drive, you don't know whether the car is comfortable for you to drive.
Remember that according to other people, it is definitely not suitable for you.

10. Do not read the contents of the contract

The contract given to you contains the terms and policies of the seller - buyer. And you will be asked to sign the papers.
Many buyers will immediately sign the document without clearly reading the contents of the policy. This will make it easier for someone to take advantage without being suspicious.
If you are first buying a car, make sure you carefully read the contents of the purchase document.


Buying your first car is the most important moment in your life, and of course, you will look for the best car. Choosing a new car or used car as a choice is very dependent on you, understanding the guide to buying a car for the first time will help you in planning and avoid you from mistakes in buying the first car.

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