List of the most friendly countries for travelers

List of the most friendly countries for solo travelers

List of the most friendly countries for travelers - Although the world has many good and interesting places, there are a number of destinations that are not only safe for travelers but also very friendly to all types of travelers, including male or female solo travelers based on traveler's opinions.

Friendly can mean many things, and this also depends on you, whom you meet and whom you talk to.

As a solo traveler, of course, you want to travel to a country where you can be well received and can interact with local residents, where they can help and help you if you have problems.

And most importantly how open you are. You can't find someone who is friendly if you keep silent without making the first step to get started. It could be that friendly people are around you but you don't know it.

To help you choose a country with a good population and fun to travel solo, I have listed several lists of the most friendly countries for male or female solo travelers.

1. Indonesia

This country is famous for the largest Islamic State in the World, and they are very good towards male and female travelers, not as you see on TV about their religion. If you go to Bali, Jakarta, Sumatra or Raja Ampat, you will find goodness from Indonesian people, they love to smile. When you have trouble doing something and want to ask for help, you just have to say "excuse me or help" even though they can't speak English, they will try to help you. 

If the people you meet cannot help you, they will find someone who can solve your problem.

2. Spain

Spanish people are known as people who like to chat and are friendly. This greatly facilitates travelers to interact with local residents. And if you can speak their language, it will be easy for you to be friends.

3. Philippines

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is friendly to solo travelers. And one of the official languages used there is English. This makes it easy for travelers to communicate with local residents. They will greet you with a big smile and warm when any shop. And they are also happy to show you the best places for you to visit in their country.

4. Germany

Germans like to give warmth to travelers, you must come to feel the true warmth in their country. When you need help like asking, they will consistently go out of the way to help you. You will see them like old friends.

5. Japan

Japanese people are famous for their polite culture with their fellow citizens or tourists from other countries. So this country is indeed very friendly for solo travelers. Despite the limitations of foreign languages, when you ask them for help, no matter what they do, they will take the time to help you as much as they can and they will be very eager to do it.

6. Thailand

This country is friendly to all tourists. And this country has become a destination for many LGBT communities. Apart from that, locals like to help male or female travelers if they have difficulty finding a destination or hotel. They like to show you the way.

7. Singapore

Similar to the Philippines and Thailand, Singapore is also tourist friendly. The country annually becomes a destination for travelers throughout the world. Maybe you don't find it difficult here. But if you want to interact with local people to help you, they are ready to help you at any time.

8. Turkey

Turkey like Indonesia, they are the largest Muslim country. Local residents are very friendly to travelers from various parts of the world. They are more friendly if they enter the month of Ramadan, they will be happy to share food with anyone, and great even though you are not a Muslim you will be treated as your own brother.

9. Barbados

They are polite local people, they are relaxed and they don't try to pull your clothes. They pay homage to travelers like their own citizens. And if you feel their kindness you might want to stay there longer while drinking lots of rum.

10. Arabic

No one can defeat the hospitality of the Arab community. If you go there maybe you will understand what hospitality really is. Local Arabs are very happy to share when someone is more in need, they will give their last possessions. And if you visit their home, you will be treated like a King. But here they don't mix between male travelers and female travelers, they are separated. They have strict rules about this.


Actually, there are still many lists of countries that are friendly to travelers whose local residents are very good at helping tourists both male and female. Friendly can mean many things, it could be the ease of visas, airport officers and good police or local residents who are not racists. And if you feel that, you are in a country that is friendly to tourists.

"Keep on doing your trip"!

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