Privacy Policy

On Thenagged, (hereinafter referred to as "we") compiles and treats online privacy policies properly and seriously as in accordance with the privacy and information security laws that have been implemented.

Please read carefully and understand how information is collected at Thenagged:


We collect information, such as personal data via email directly from you, if you choose to provide that information yourself. For example, you give us your name, contact (such as email address), date of birth, or other details, when you register for an article subscription to us or on promotions or advertisements or surveys on the Site.

You may also need to provide personal data about yourself when you discuss or discuss on our Site. Please note the information that you have installed in these forums that can be seen by anyone who visits the Site, so you should avoid posting sensitive personal data that you do not want to be available to the public.


When you access the site, we and our third-party partners collect information about your visit using tools such as cookies. Data is collected automatically when you visit a site address, such as information about the browser, system settings, data about the computer or mobile device used to access the site, unique device identifiers, clickstream data (which shows the page-by-page path you took when searching Site). Information about you, including the information you choose to give.

Cookies are small files used by online websites and other services using information about users on a user's computer. This site can use cookies (such as HTTP and HTML5 cookies and Flash cookies), as well as other types of local storage.

We also use third party web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, on the Site, to provide us with statistics and other information about visitors to the Site.

And finally, third-party companies that provide applications, tools, widgets, and third-party plug-ins that may appear on the Site (for example, the Facebook "Like" button), can also use automated methods to gather information about your interactions with features. this. This information is a collection of privacy policies or notifications from these providers.


We may use information collected at various destinations, including the goals listed below. For example, we will use the email address you provided to respond to your question. In addition, we use the information we collect from you and through the Site to:

Give the product and service you requested (such as when you signed up to receive our e-mail newsletter);

Respond to requests, questions, and comments, and provide other types of user support;

Offer products and services to you through marketing communications, or you can view other websites, which we believe may be of interest to you;
To serve ads, content and offer you based on your interests and online activities


If there are questions about the privacy policy, you can contact us at the contact page provided on this site.

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